Study Abroad

Why Study Abroad?

A liberal arts education in the twenty-first century calls for an understanding of peoples and cultures beyond our shores.  The Honors Program addresses this contemporary component by requiring the study of a foreign language as well as encouraging students to take courses in world history and inter-religious dialogue.  However, the best way to understand a foreign culture is to live in it.  Consequently the Honors Program strongly encourages students to spend some time studying abroad.

Where, When, How?

Students in the Honors Program have the unique opportunity of having their Gonzaga-awarded financial aid transfer to any study abroad program in the world.  Thus Honors students have the option of studying abroad through a Gonzaga sponsored program, or they may choose any program outside of Gonzaga.  Most Honors students study abroad for a semester during their junior year.  However, some choose to study abroad for a full year, others go abroad in the summer, and some study abroad during their senior year.  

Study Abroad Experiences

Bath, England

Studying abroad in Oxford was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life; not only did I get to direct my own study at my pace and in my area of interest, but also I had plenty of time to travel, make friends with British students, and experience living in a different country.

-Andrea Crow, studied in London at Oxford University

Chris Heinrich (left) and Molly McEwen (right)

Having my scholarship money follow me to any program was huge.  Without it, I probably would not have gone abroad.  Besides, a lot of friends went abroad in Europe the same semester, so I could crash with them during weekend trips.

-Chris Heinrich, studied in Munich, Germany

Witzenhausen, Germany

I got a paid academic internship in Witzenhausen, Germany through the RISE program.  It turned out to be mostly farming, growing and drying medicinal herbs, and building a corn maze.  We didn't actually work that much though, and I had a ton of time to socialize and travel, much of which was paid for.  It was completely unexpected and a total blast!

-Amelia Ferrel, worked in Witzenhausen, Germany

Katie Beno

I fell in love; I became part of a family; I learned to live in solidarity.

-Katie Beno, studied in El Salvador

Leslie Cabrera

Studying abroad makes you feel like a different person: more conscious, more aware, and more worldly.  As for the Honors Program, everyone wants to talk about their awesome, life-changing, consciousness building, awareness cultivating, worldly study abroad experiences and hear about yours.

-Leslie Cabrera, studied in Brazil


I studied abroad in Florence, and it was an incredible experience to spend a summer in Italy.  Once I was there for a few days, I started to get to know some of the local secrets, like where to get the best gelato.  It's amazing because after spending the first half of the day in class, I would have a huge gourmet lunch, courtesy of the owners of my pensione, and then I was basically free to wander the city.  Florence is one of the few cities I've ever been to where literally everything has historical value.

-Clelia Leopold, studied in Florence, Italy

Machu Picchu

I really wanted something different, so I chose Santiago, Chile.  Traveling all over South American while taking classes as a Chilean student is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.  I became immersed in a culture and a lifestyle that led me to places and experiences I never thought possible before attending Gonzaga. It was worth every peso.

-Mike Merz, studied in Santiago, Chile