Study Abroad Library Services

Studying Abroad this Semester? 

Even when studying in Europe, Australia or other parts of the world, Gonzaga students still have access to many of Foley Library's resources and services, including getting help from a librarian when you need some help.

What services are available?
  • Access to our article indexes and databases including: Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, ProQuest and a variety of specialty databases such as: ATLA Religion Index, Classical Music Reference Library and Oxford Art Online.
  • Access to Periodicals @ Foley,  your gateway to the online journals available through Foley Library.
  • The ILLiad (interlibrary loan/document delivery) service will help you get articles that aren't online.
  • Research assistance is available via e-mail or online chat. Contact Us when you need help.

  • Do I need my Gonzaga ID card to use the library online?
  • Your Gonzaga ID number is your library ID number, too. You will need to supply your ID number to access your Foley Library account and to register for an ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan) account, if you don't already have one.
  • To use the online databases you will be asked to log in using the same user name and password you use for ZagMail or Blackboard.  If you have trouble logging in, contact the IT Support Center -
Can I get books?

Sorry, no, even though many library staff members have eagerly volunteered to make personal deliveries to our Study Abroad locations.  The fact is, the cost and time involved to ship books to you, not to mention what it would cost you to return them, prevents us from offering our usual book loan service while you are abroad.  

How do I get articles?
  • Foley subscribes to a number of databases with full-text access to articles. If the article you need isn't available through one database, the Full-Text Options link will check for access in a different database, using Periodicals @ Foley, which is the list of all the journals available to you through Foley Library.
  • If the article you need isn't available online,  use ILLiad to request the article.
What is ILLiad?
  • ILLiad is our Interlibrary Loan system. Use ILLiad to request articles from the Foley Library print collection as well as any article that is not available at Foley.
  • In order to use ILLiad, you must first register for an account. For more information see our ILLiad FAQ
    • While participating in the London program, please use "STUDY ABROAD" as your status in ILLiad.
    • Use the name of your Study Abroad Program  as your street address.
    • Put an 'x' in other fields that don't apply to your current situation.
    • Remember to update your address information in ILLiad when you come back!
  • What kind of information should I provide for an article request?
  • Usually, you will be requesting articles found in one of our databases and if you use the Full Text Options link then the "order this through interlibrary loan link, the request form will be filled in automatically.
  • If you are filling out an article request form manually, provide as much information as possible to expedite service.
  • Include: Article title, author's name, journal name, volume number, date, and page numbers.
How long will it take to receive an article once I put in the request?
  • We can usually scan and post articles from our print collection within 2  business days. 
  • We process requests on a first-come, first-served basis. At busy times of the year, we will process up to five requests from one individual per day.
  • Articles not owned by Gonzaga will be requested from another library through the ILL (interlibrary loan) service. Availability and processing time varies, but typically you will receive articles within 2-5 days of the request date.
How will I receive an article I've requested through ILLIad?
  • A PDF of the article will be posted to your ILLiad account and you will be notified by e-mail when it is available. It's a good idea to save a copy of the article right away as it will be removed from the ILLiad server after 30 days.
Who can I contact for assistance?