FAQs for Online Students


1. How do I register for classes?

    You regsister for courses in ZagWeb. Click on the following link to watch the ZagWeb Tutorial: http://www.gonzaga.edu/main/zagweb-tutorial/zagweb_tutorial_video_final.html

2. Why is this course closed when it says there are still available spots?

    It is most likely cross-listed with another program. Click on the following link to watch th ZagWeb Tutorial: http://www.gonzaga.edu/main/zagweb-tutorial/zagweb_tutorial_video_final.html

3. How do I view my charges and pay my bill?

    In Zagweb, click on "Electronic Billing, Payment, Deposits, and eRefund".  Enter Cashnet to review and pay your bills: https://zagweb.gonzaga.edu

4. Does the university offer payment plans?

    For information on payment plans, please contact Cory Fray in Student Accounts fray@gonzaga.edu

5. Does the university provide any disability help?

    Yes.  DREAM (Disability Resource and Access Management) may be able to provide help for students with certain disabilities.  Please reach out to them at disability@gonzaga.edu or call 509-313-4134.

6. How do I check my grades?

    Official grades may be checked following a semester on ZagWeb. Go to Student and Financial Aid, Student Records, and click on Final Grades: https://zagweb.gonzaga.edu

7. I have an emergency and need to drop a course. Who do I contact?

    It depends on when this is taking place during the semester. The Registrar provides improtant deadlines for dropping courses.  See the Important Dates and Deadlines link on the Registrar's page. If you are dropping well into your course, you need to notify your professor and make him/her aware of your situation.  You may need to fill out a drop or withdraw form found on the Registrar's page. Click HERE.

9. What is blackboard?

10. How do I obtain an official copy of my transcript?

11. The course I need to take is full. Can the Virtual Campus help me with this?

12. Can online graduate students obtain basketball tickets and tickets to other sporting events?

13. Can online graduate students go to the Rudolph Fitness Center?

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