Serving Willingly

To serve willingly is to discover that the fullness of being human is becoming a person for others.

Personal. Leaders gain a personal philosophy and deep understanding of what it means to serve others, to be a person for others. They understand how the notion of serving addresses the betterment of humankind. Leaders willing to serve are able to transcend their ego selves to new ways of thinking and behaving in community. They understand the difficulties and joys of growing toward greater maturity.

Organizational. Leaders that are willing to serve empower others to live their lives fully by becoming healthier, wiser, and more autonomous. These leaders enable others to become leaders who have the capacity to give of themselves for the purpose of serving others.

Global Social Systems.
Leaders that are willing to serve continue to expect and search for a better world. They focus on movements toward that which is good, while keeping an outlook for trends that speak of oppression and the disintegration of ecological, economic, and human systems. It is through conscious, reasonable, and responsible acts of knowing that this state of decline can be transformed into healthy systems able to serve the world.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here