The following are comments from DPLS graduates:

  • “Personal care, flexible scheduling, rigor and relevance. Many excellent, well prepared professors and availability of summer classes most appreciated!”
  • “The faculty attitude and library technical resources.”
  • “Training in research methods.”
  • “Geared to the professional work schedule.”
  • “I am comfortable with the Jesuit philosophy and a staff that is open to learning and growth with great and varied expertise.”
  • “Overall, my courses were quite wonderful! I am grateful for the Ph.D. program and especially appreciated the strong support and creative and critical suggestions for my thesis topic. I also valued meeting other students in the class.”
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed my summers and coursework at Gonzaga, I met some wonderful people during this time and expanded my view of the world. Thank you.”
  • “I truly treasure the doctoral experience at Gonzaga University. I can't imagine my own growth without it.”


  • Rich Cummins, 2008 Ph.D. Graduate: Rich was chosen as the seventh President of Columbia Basin College.
  • Lita Burns, 2006 Ph.D. Graduate: Lita was named Vice President of North Idaho College.
  • Mary McFarland, 1993 Ph.D. Graduate: Mary was selected to lead Jesuit Commons, an international refugee aid service.
  • Marleen Ramsey, 2003 Ph.D. Graduate: Marleen was named Vice President of Walla Walla Community College.
  • Don Conant, 2010 Ph.D. Graduate: Don was hired to be the director of the MBA program at Saint Martin's University 
  • Peter Amah, 2010 Ph.D. Graduate: Peter published a book on the life of Father Immanuel Edeh called Superservant Leader.
  • Jeff Yergler, 2009 Ph.D. Graduate: Jeff founded Integer Leadership Consulting.
  • Mai Moua, 2007 Ph.D. Graduate: Mai founded Leadership Paradigms.
  • Sharon Link, 2007 Ph.D. Graduate: Sharon founded a not-for-profit organization, Link Autism Leadership, that assists families, educators, and professional who manage and live with autism.


  • Dr. JoAnn Barbour has served with distinction in the International Leadership Association (ILA) by authoring/editing three books for ILA's Building Leadership Bridges series: Leadership for Transformation; Global Leadership: Portraits for the Past, Visions for the Future; and Leading in Complex Worlds.
  • Dr. James Beebe is currently writing a second edition of his book Rapid Assessment Process, a book that has garnered critical acclaim internationally and has been used for research projects across the disciplines.
  • Dr. Shann Ferch was awarded the Bakeless Prize, the High Plains Book Award, and the American Book Award for his book American Masculine. His book Forgiveness and Power was an Amazon Top 10 New Release in War and Peace.
  • Dr. Shann Ferch had the opportunity to interview global servant-leader Corazon Aquino, Former President of the Philippines, in November 2004 while he was in the Philippines as a visiting scholar: Interview; Cory Aquino website
  • Dr. Caroline Fu is currently working on a manuscript that encapsulates her internationally known work on the Tao of leadership. With book chapters and journal articles in her area of expertise, her work combines Tao leadership with modern physics to understand the energy-flow dynamics of leadership and transformation.  
  • Dr. Chris Francovich, an internationally recognized scholar in reflective consciousness, complexity, and dialogue has published recent work in the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Science, the International Journal of Medical Education, the Journal of Graduate Medical Education, and the International Journal of Leadership Studies.
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