SWE - Society of Women Engineers

SWE 2015-2016 Officers


President: Susie Lira, MENG
Vice President: Allie Reiling, CENG
Secretary: Anna Kirdahy, CENG
Treasurer: Amanda Johnson, EGMT
Advertising Chair: Olivia Bridston, CPEN
Social Chair: Amy Boerner, MENG
Outreach Chair: Emily Follansbee, CENG
Faculty Advisor: Sara Ganzerli

Established in 1950, the Society of Women Engineers encourages women in the engineering field. SWE wants female engineers to achieve their full potential as both engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession, and demonstrate the value of diversity.

You can help promote professional excellence, globalization, and advocacy for women in the Engineering field! Since SWE promotes advocacy and diversity, SWE is open to any interested student, regardless of gender or major.

As a part of SWE, you will be joining a legacy of over 27,000 students and professionals. SWE allows you to make valuable connections, learn more about the unique experiences of women in the engineering field, and develop a solid, professional reputation. Join today!

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