SAE - Society of Automative Engineers

SAE President: Jeff Barnhart
Vice President: Nick Gavenas
Treasurer: Greg Hutchinson
Secretary: Drew McCurdy
Communication: Nathan Greene

Bulldog Baja - Gonzaga University SAE Baja Project

About the Competition

Society of Automotive Engineers holds a competition for colleges and universities to design and build a durable off-road vehicle.  This event is primarily a design competition in which participating teams submit a design report and present their design to a review panel as if they are pitching it to a company.  Then the vehicles are tested and compared in various dynamic events including a four hour endurance race.  All vehicles are powered by the same Briggs and Stratton 20 series engine that Briggs and Stratton has graciously donated to each team for over 20 years.

Team Goals

As of September 2012, Gonzaga has not been consistently represented in this competition.  Our goal is to build a competitive program that attends the competition every year.  The first competition for this newly founded program will take place in May 2014.  This project helps students learn to design a product from the ground up and will be a great learning tool.

SAE Baja Team 2013

2012 - 2014 Mini Baja Team


Janicki Industries
Bayshore Systems Inc.

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