ASEM - American Society for Engineering Management


Board of Directors

Sebastian Berven
Blake Casagranda
Jena Jadallah
Ivan Jimenez
Kendall Monson
Faculty Advisor:  Peter McKenny

Mission Statement:  The American Society for Engineering Management brings together the technological savvy of engineering design, along with the business, administrative, and organizational skills of management in order to execute a project from conception to completion. The Gonzaga chapter's main goal is to get students exposed and prepared to succeed in the engineering industry in its entirety, rather than focusing purely upon design work. Collaboration across all disciplines in the engineering industry is paramount to innovative solutions to difficult problems.  ASEM highly encourages each one of our members to collaborate with the other clubs on campus and their projects to help implement managerial tactics and technical skills.

Annual Report:  The American Society for Engineering Management and the Engineering Management major as a whole has seen a lot of growth over the past year. Club events included a leadership summit in San Jose, California in collaboration with IEEE, a tour through the campus of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories in Pullman, Washington, and a resume building workshop with industry professionals. ASEM also hosted a series of company presentations on campus throughout the year to promote student internships and career opportunities.