Degree Requirements


In addition to the General Degree Requirements of the University, the Bachelor of Business Administration degree requires the following:

1) Completion of the core curriculum of the School;

2) Completion of the requirements for a major course of study within the School;

3) A minimum 2.00 grade point average in all course work taken in the major field;

4) Of the 128 credits required for the degree, 55 credits must be earned outside the School of Business Administration.

5) At least 50 percent of all business courses (core and major requirements) must be taken at Gonzaga.

Courses which fulfill business core, major, concentration, and minor requirements may not be taken on a satisfactory/non-satisfactory basis except for internships.

*For additional information please reference the Undergraduate Catalogue published in the year that you began courses at Gonzaga. Click here to reference a PDF version of this document.

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