The Business Internships Website is designed to meet the information needs of students and employers participating in the Gonzaga Business Internship Program. The program allows qualified* students to earn academic credit with approved employers. 

Students  of Gonzaga with a major in business, accounting or economics who are interested in earning academic credit for an experiential learning opportunity (Internship) should click on the Student link, on the menu to the left.   

Employers (individuals representing an organization) who are interested in providing a Gonzaga business student with an experiential learning opportunity (Internship) should click on the Employer link, on the menu to the left.

* Students and employers that do not meet the above criteria should contact Career Services to find and/or post a not-for-credit business internship or other employment opportunity.

Questions? Contact us at

Spring 2017 Interns must have the Supervisor Evaluation, the Student Evaluation, and the Internship Student Term Paper submitted by May 5, 2017 to earn credit. 
Both evaluation forms can be found through the appropriate links above starting with Student or Employer