Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite classes provide the necessary foundations for students to be successful in their graduate classes. Students who have recently completed a business degree will have the majority of their prerequisites fulfilled. Additionally, students with extensive work experience in prerequisite subjects may be able to get some courses waived. Generally, students need to have taken the course within seven years and received a C or better to waive the prerequisite. Prerequisites do NOT need to be completed to gain admission.

  • Management Information Systems*
  • Operations Management*
  • Management*
  • Economic Analysis*
  • Business Law*
  • Marketing*
  • Business Statistics**
  • Principles of Finance**
  • Accounting Analysis**

* Students may elect to test out of these classes. For more information visit
** These courses require a B or better in the past four years. Challenge exams and review courses are available.

    To view the full course descriptions for each of these prerequisite classes, please see our Prerequisite Courses document.