Picture of Andrea Bertotti Metoyer
Andrea Bertotti Metoyer
Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice

AD Box 060

Phone: (509) 313-3629

Office Location
College Hall 321

Ph.D. Sociology, Loyola University, Chicago
M.A. Sociology, Loyola University, Chicago
B.A. Sociology and Spanish, Gonzaga University

Picture of Matthew Bahr
Matthew Bahr
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Professor of Sociology

AD Box 059

Phone: (509) 313-5952

Office Location
College Hall 416

Ph.D. Sociology, Purdue University, 2002

Dr. Bahr teaches courses in quantitative research methods, statistics, sociology of religion, and population and demography.  His research interests include sociology of religion and public policy.  His most recent project appearing in Social Science Research, explores correlates of financial giving to religious organizations.

Picture of Andrea Fallenstein
Andrea Fallenstein
Senior Lecturer, Sociology and Criminal Justice

AD Box 059

Phone: (509) 313-3904

Office Location
College Hall 301B

ABD Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University
M.A. Sociology, Washington State University, 1995.
B.S. Sociology and minor in Women's Studies, University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire, 1989.

Andrea specializes in Introduction to Sociology, Sociology of Mental Health and Illness, LGBT Studies, Queer Theory, and Crime and Deviance. Some of the classes Andrea teaches include Introduction to Sociology, Juvenile Delinquency, Sociology of Mental Illness, and LGBT Studies.

Picture of Vik Gumbhir
Vik Gumbhir
Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice

AD Box 059

Phone: (509) 313-6495

Office Location
College Hall 315

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Oregon, 2005.
B.A. Regis University, Denver, 1995.

Dr. Gumbhir teaches a variety of courses, including Introduction to Criminal Justice, Research Methods, Sociology of Policing, Social Issues in Film, Social History of Rock and Roll, and Inequality, Crime, and Urban Life.  His research interests include racial profiling, critical criminology, and media representations of crime and the criminal justice system.  He is also involved with the department's undergraduate research program.

Picture of Bill Hayes
Bill Hayes
Associate Professor, Sociology

AD Box 059

Phone: (509) 313-5949

Office Location
College Hall 320B

Ph.D. Sociology, University of California Berkeley, 2004
M.A. Asian Studies, University of Hawai'i
M.Div. Theological Studies, San Francisco Theological Seminary
B.A. Philosophy and Psychology, St. Andrews University

Dr. Hayes' research interests include political economy, sociology of culture, East Asian societies and social memory. His current research project explores the formation and contestation of Christian nationalism in South Korea. He teaches courses in social theory, globalization, culture, sociological analysis and East Asian societies.

Picture of Marguerite Marin
Marguerite Marin
Associate Professor, Sociology

AD Box 059

Phone: (509) 313-6791

Office Location
College Hall 311

Ph.D. University of California at Santa Barbara 
M.A. California State University at Long Beach 
B.A. California State University at Long Beach

Picture of Dr. Al Miranne
Dr. Al Miranne
Associate Professor, Sociology and Criminal Justice

AD Box 061

Phone: (509) 313-6794

Office Location
College Hall 311

Ph.D. Washington State University, 1981
M.S. Texas A&M University, 1976
B.S. University of Louisiana, 1973

Picture of Jane A. Rinehart
Jane A. Rinehart
Professor, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies

AD Box 060

Phone: (509) 313-6795

Office Location
East 311 Boone, #2

Ph.D. New York University, 1981
M.A. New York University, 1973
B.A. Marymount Manhattan College, 1967

Picture of Edward Vacha
Edward Vacha
Professor, Sociology

AD Box 059

Phone: (509) 313-6793

Office Location
College Hall 309

Ph.D. Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Dr. Vacha's research interests include sociology of education, socialization, applied sociology, deviant behavior, and the sociology of poverty and homelessness. His research has appeared in sociology, social work and education journals including Teaching Sociology, Social Work, Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless, Urban Education, Contemporary Sociology, Journal of Instructional Psychology, Child & Family Behavior Therapy and Journal of Education. He teaches courses in research methods, social psychology, small group dynamics, socialization, deviant behavior, and sociology of education.

Picture of Georgie Ann Weatherby
Georgie Ann Weatherby
Professor, Sociology & Criminal Justice

AD Box 065

Phone: (509) 313-3628

Office Location
College Hall 319

Ph.D. University of Washington, 1990
M.A. Western Washington University, 1984
B.A. Western Washington University, 1979

Picture of Nicole Willms
Nicole Willms
Assistant Professor, Sociology

AD Box 056

Office Location
College Hall 317

Ph.D. Sociology, University of Southern California
Certificate in Gender Studies
M.A. University of Southern California
B.A. Randolph-Macon Woman's College

Nicole Willms currently teaches Sociology of Sport, Research Methods, and Introduction to Sociology.  Dr. Willms is also involved with the department's undergraduate research program.  Her research focuses on the representation, performance and negotiation of gender, race, and class in American sports.  In addition to her continued work on the construction of Japanese American gender and racial identity through basketball, she is also examining the negotiation of gendered spaces on school playgrounds and discourses surrounding women's basketball.