University Mission Statement Committee


 TO:                  The Gonzaga Community

 FROM:             Thayne M. McCulloh, D.Phil., President                                                      

 SUBJ:               Appointment of the University Committee to Review the Mission Statement

 DATE:             Monday, January 23, 2012

Gonzaga's current Mission Statement was crafted and approved by the Board in the early 1980's.  A lengthy articulation of the University's aspirations for itself and its students, it has informed the work of the institution in many meaningful ways.

Over the course of the past six years, a series of initiatives have in succession pointed to the need to examine the University's Mission Statement and determine whether the time has come for its revision.  The 2005-2007 strategic planning effort (and the development of its Vision Statement), the current core curriculum review, and the 2011 Year One Accreditation evaluator's report all have underscored a need to evaluate the Mission Statement's utility and contemporary relevance.  In addition, across time there are many who have noted that the Mission Statement opens itself up to multiple interpretations, depending upon the reader's perspective.

After conferring with the Faculty and Staff Assembly Presidents, the Vice Presidents, and the Chair of the Board of Trustees to receive nominations, I am pleased to appoint the following individuals to this important Committee:

Frank Case, S.J.                      VP for Mission (Chair of the Committee)

Cheryl Beckett                         Faculty, School of Law

Lisa Bennett                            Faculty, Counselor Education - SOE

Mia Bertagnolli                        Faculty, Biology - Arts & Sciences

Tim Clancy, S.J.                      Faculty, Philosophy - Arts & Sciences

Pat Ferro                                  Faculty, Engineering & Applied Science

Robin Guevara                       Student Employment - Staff Assembly Nominee

Kurt Heimbigner                    University Relations Representative

Mary Herche                           Member of the Board of Regents

Mike Herzog                           Chief of Staff to the President

Tyler Hobbs                            Student - GSBA President

Kassi Kain                              Dean of Students - Student Life Representative

Rita Liebelt                             Trustee, Chair of the Trustee Mission Committee

Pat McCormick                       Faculty, Religious Studies - A&S

Marc Manganaro                    Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Rodolfo Pagsanjan               Staff Assembly President

Molly Pepper                           Faculty, School of Business Administration

Michelle Soss                        Assistant Controller, Finance Office

John Spencer                         Faculty, Foley Library

Shannon Strahl                      Associate A.D. - Athletics Representative

Gary Uhlenkott, S.J.                Faculty, Music - Member of the Jesuit Community

Rose Mary Volbrecht             President of the Faculty

Jim White                               Dean, Student Financial Services - EVP Division Representative

Chris Francovich                  Faculty, School of Professional Studies

Jennie Sevedge                    Faculty, ESL/TESL - Center for Global Engagment

The Committee will be chaired by Rev. Frank Case, S.J., VP for Mission, and will be charged with the responsibility for (a) recommending a course of action to the president regarding revision of the Mission Statement and (b) if the recommendation is to revise, then to proceed with the creation of proposed language which might ultimately be considered by the University Community for proposal to the President and, ultimately, the Board of Trustees.  My hope is that the Committee might meet once every three to four weeks and be prepared to issue its recommendation on the first element by the end of April, 2012 at the latest.

I wish to thank the members of this Committee in advance for their work.